Helping You Heal And Move Forward Through Divorce Mediation

Understand The Family Law Mediation Process

If you and your spouse or you and your child’s other parent decide to resolve your differences through mediation, you will work with a neutral mediator in one or more private sessions outside of court. Private family law matters will remain private. Once you reach an agreement, your mediator will write up the decisions in a legal document to submit to the court. Your attorney-mediator will file your divorce with the court when you are ready to finalize your divorce.

I am Joy Frank, and I am grateful that you are considering divorce mediation or child custody mediation. My years of experience practicing family law through more traditional methods left me convinced of the value of mediation. I am passionate about helping couples reach the necessary decisions in their cases through reasonable methods in mediation.

How To Get Ready And Then Proceed

If I am your attorney and family law mediator, I will provide clear direction as you prepare for your mediation sessions. I will guide you through each step, such as the following:

  • I may ask you to create an inventory of your and your spouse’s assets.
  • I may recommend appraisers, accountants or other professionals.
  • I will help you get your information together and ready to act on without delay during mediation.
  • I will also help you understand the nature of my role, your needs and your path ahead.

When the day for mediation sessions arrives, I am confident that you will feel well informed and truly ready to make mutually beneficial decisions about asset division and custody through guided dialogue with your spouse or your child’s other parent.

What Happens Next

After your mediation session, I will translate your and your spouse’s decisions about property distribution and a parenting plan into a document that can be submitted to the court. You may decide to wait a while after this point for various reasons. As soon as you say the word, I will then file your document with the family law court. You will not have to appear before a judge.

In sum, divorce mediation or child custody resolution mediation can give your family the best of both worlds: privacy on one hand and the clout of the court on the other hand. The details behind your decisions will remain private, but their enforceability will be secured through your court filing.

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