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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Mediation

I am family law attorney Joy Frank in White Plains and Stamford, ready to wipe away doubts and point you confidently in the right direction as you consider how to pursue a property division settlement or a child support order. Bring me your questions such as the following and let us discuss your next best steps.

Will I need an attorney to go through family law mediation?

I am an experienced lawyer, but if I act as your mediator, I will remain neutral. On the other hand, if you have family law mediation lined up elsewhere and you need an advocate to help you through the process, I can help. Let me hear about your concerns and help you explore your options for resolving your family law case.

I am convinced of the value of family law mediation, but my spouse is not. How can I move forward?

It could be that your spouse or partner has not yet accepted the reality of your separation and pending divorce. Consult with a psychological or family counselor or ask me for personalized advice about ways to get past this obstacle, if possible.

My spouse agrees that we can pursue family law mediation, but we disagree on who should keep what from our home.

Start your mediation sessions with things you can agree on and build from here. Allow your mediator to apply knowledge and skills accumulated over years of family law practice. Be prepared for challenges but expect success.

So far, our divorce or separation shows signs of being a high-conflict case. Can family law mediation work in our case?

Many couples with great disagreements find their way through the mediation process with much less expense and aggravation than what they would encounter through the litigation process. If I am your family law mediator and attorney, I will provide a safe, balanced environment and facilitate civil communication between the two of you. I urge you to give divorce meditation a try with respect for each person’s rights and interests.

My spouse has been violent. I cannot imagine how mediation would work for us.

Family law mediation may be difficult or impossible to carry out if:

  • Either spouse has a history of domestic violence
  • Either spouse refuses to disclose all assets
  • Either spouse has a history of substance abuse

If any of these is the case, let me help you determine the most appropriate path forward.

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