Helping You Heal And Move Forward Through Divorce Mediation

Parenting Plans And Child Support Agreements Through Mediation

Most parents who are separated and/or preparing to divorce inherently understand the vital importance of quality time with their children. Furthermore, nearly all parents want what is best for their children. Understanding these things does not make the prospect of co-parenting with a former partner any easier to contemplate. The very idea can seem daunting to parents who are still coming to grips with the demise of their partnership or marriage. An experienced family law attorney can help parents in these circumstances remain focused on what matters most: protecting their children’s well-being.

Parents on their way to a divorce often dread the idea of testifying against the other parent in court as they pursue reasonable child custody and child support orders. The good news: When mediation is the method of resolution, court appearances by the parents may not be necessary. Decisions made through mediation sessions will be translated into documents to be filed with the appropriate family law court. The Law Offices of Joy Y. Frank is a source of much-needed guidance for many parents going through a divorce or separation. I am attorney Joy Frank and I look forward to explaining how mediation can benefit your family.

A Fair Parenting Plan, Child Support And More

Child support in New York and Connecticut is typically determined with state guidelines as a starting point. However, parents realize that basic child support does not encompass all expenses involved in child-rearing. Other costs that should be considered include:

  • Health care
  • Private education or special education
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Summer camps
  • Braces

Family law mediation proves to be ideal for many parents who must reach agreements regarding child support, custody and visitation (a parenting plan). Divorcing parents do not need to be limited to the laws governing child support, such as New York’s Child Support Standards Act. A customized agreement arrived at through mediation can include other factors affecting families going through divorce or separation.

For example, although it is not a legal requirement, some parents also realize the value of reaching agreements about the payment of college tuition someday. This and other expenses can be incorporated into a customized mediated settlement.

Mediation Over Child Issues Can Set A Positive Tone

Many separated or divorced parents discover other benefits of divorce mediation or family law mediation. They often report that communication strategies practiced in mediation sessions establish a rational tone that helps them co-parent in their children’s best interests.

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