Helping You Heal And Move Forward Through Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation For Property Division

As you prepare to end your marriage, the most fundamental legal aspect of your divorce will be the division of marital assets. It is common and natural for you and your spouse to have different opinions about how property should be reallocated after the divorce. Resolving your differences can take place through a variety of methods. After representing New York and Connecticut residents in many divorces over the years, I reached the conclusion that divorce mediation is the most reasonable and promising method of asset division.

I am Joy Frank, a compassionate, dedicated and skilled divorce attorney. I choose to focus my practice on divorce mediation because, time and again, I have seen the benefits of this approach. I am ready to serve as an unbiased mediator for you and your spouse.

Tally Up The Assets You Will Divide And Get Started

Marital property to be split up typically includes the following:

  • Real estate, vehicles and personal property
  • Bank accounts, investment accounts and retirement accounts
  • Business assets and other complex assets

When you opt for divorce mediation as a decision-making process, you and your partner, husband or wife will have the opportunity to ensure that you each receive a fair share of the assets to your mutual benefit. Your custom-made property division agreement can protect your respective individual finances, and, if you have children, both you and your spouse can protect their interests, as well.

At my firm, the Law Offices of Joy Y. Frank, I am an experienced divorce attorney and mediator, and I am ready to explain how I can facilitate the necessary property division agreement between you and your spouse in preparation for your divorce. As necessary, I will recommend or enlist the help of professionals such as forensic accountants, appraisers and others who can help you and your spouse arrive at a fair agreement.

I Am Ready – Are You?

When we meet to talk over the particulars of your divorce, I will explain how asset division can be accomplished through divorce mediation. I will advise you on how to inventory assets and get them appraised as needed.

If you and your spouse find it difficult to reach an agreement in mediation, rest assured, my years of experience in family law practice will help you overcome such hurdles. I have a wide knowledge base from which to enable you to arrive at a reasonable property division agreement. Let’s talk it over. Call the Law Offices of Joy Y. Frank at 914-306-9783 or send an email message to request a consultation.