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Planning a divorce? Why you should consider mediation

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Divorce can be a heartbreaking ordeal for a family. Like any life-changing event, divorce can elicit raw emotions and fear.

Negotiating the end of a marriage may consume enormous amounts of your time, honesty and patience. Considering divorce mediation may enable you to successfully navigate the rough landscape of a marriage break-up.

Mediation vs. divorce litigation

Mediation differs from divorce litigation in significant ways, including:

  • Divorce litigation can be a battle. The job of each party’s lawyer is to aggressively fight for his or her client. While very contentious divorces may require litigation, you and your spouse may be able to resolve your differences with the less adversarial process of mediation
  • Mediation is more affordable than litigation
  • The reduction of stress in a mediation proceeding may help to preserve emotions and relationships

Child custody mediation

Children are innocent and vulnerable participants in a divorce. Mediation studies indicate that “Mediation outperformed litigation in helping participants focus on their children’s needs … and negotiating a mutually desirable custody and visitation plan.”

Clinical research concludes that mediation can “diminish the … fury and alienation that frequently characterize the legal, economic and custody phases of divorce … and have a positive impact on children’s adjustment behaviorally and psychologically.”

Divorce is a new chapter in your life, requiring considerable strength to move on with your integrity and mental health intact. Understanding the options available to you with mediation may help you to settle your differences and forge new, healthy relationships with your spouse and children.